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First Anglo-Pacific Invitational Chess Championship

by Erik Osbun

Reviewed for C.C.L.A. by Jerry Honn

The forward is provided by IA Maurice Carter, who directed this 17-player event for ICCF's Anglo-Pacific Tournament Bureau. The author, now an ICCF Master, is CCLA's Erik Osbun, winner of the 1985 North American Master/Expert Class Championship, the 1990 Grand National Championship and the 6th (1990) CCLA Championship.

Games are indexed by player and opening ECO code, always useful for readers doing research. All 135 games from this inaugural event are featured, although a few display only the opening moves due to withdrawal of two players. Sadly, even the highest levels of correspondence chess are not immune from drop-outs. There are 46 QP and 89 KP openings, of which 63 are Sicilians (Game 26, which began 1 e4 c5, is misidentified as it quickly transposed to a King's Indian Attack.)

The book's strength is, of course, the incredibly detailed analysis of the games by IM Osbun. Notes by the players are also featured. Sicilian Defense afficiondos are really getting two books in one, as all major variations are represented and results are balanced: 21 won by white, 27 won by black and 15 drawn. The author has also painstakingly referenced hundreds of games, books and theoretical articles.

We are indebted to messrs. Carter, Osbun and Brandreth (Caissa Editions) for preserving the historical record of this event. There are too few books devoted to correspondence chess. This collection of deeply annotated games will provide readers with many hours of entertainment and instruction. The First Anglo-Pacific Invitational Chess Championship is a great value and highly recommended.

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